Personally, I don’t believe in retirement in the classical sense.  I think one’s life is more precious and worth than idling around and waiting for time to pass by. Obviously, one can only continue with your daily professional tasks as long as your health permits, but for me saving for retirement is about gaining financial freedom -doing what you like, when you like. Also, I don’t necessarily think that relying purely on your occupational retirement fund (your company’s employee retirement fund) is enough to achieve this goal. You will need to do more – saving more and invest wisely – to be well on your way to financial freedom.

But first you need to be made aware of possible shortfalls and caveats on the road to financial independence. Therefore, the purpose of the research articles published here is to guide one successfully on the path towards sustainable financial freedom, or if you like, retirement.

I’ve created two categories of articles, namely External and Research Articles. The former category refers to opinions and articles by experts in retirement planning, while in the latter category I posted some of my own research material which covers various aspects of retirement planning.

Hopefully all this provide some food for thought, enjoy the read!

Daniel R Wessels


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