Yale Professor: Raise Retirement Age To 76

Yale Law School professor Anne L. Alstott has made the shocking recommendation that the Social Security retirement age should be raised to 76 to make it fairer. She has made a number of other recommendations to go along with raising the retirement age in stages to what may seem like a late age, all of which are designed to make modern retirement benefits fit the new realities of aging. Social Security should be made fairer for low wage earners, who often are forced to retire earlier because of health reason than their affluent counterparts, Alstott says, and spousal benefits should be eliminated to reflect a society where most women now work and have their own benefits. Alstott is the Jacquin D.

Source: Yale Professor: Raise Retirement Age To 76


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The Death Of Traditional Retirement Planning

Traditional retirement planning is fatally flawed. These detrimental faults aren’t recent discoveries; they have just become more noticeable and are spreading like a wild fire.

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The Titanic Risks Of The Retirement System

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Source: The Titanic Risks Of The Retirement System