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Managing your withdrawals (drawdown rate) from your retirement plan

We know inflation and investment returns are not the same every year, in fact, the concept average returns often proves to be meaningless or helpless in the real world. Retirees have to deal with both investment risk and rising living expenses from year to year. This article focuses on how to potentially manage your drawdowns, especially during periods when investment returns are lower than expected which in turn will affect subsequent drawdown decisions.

Source: Drawdown_strategies

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The mathematics behind successful retirement planning

Explaining the inter-relationships between contribution periods, savings rates, investment portfolio returns and replacement rates (substituting pre-retirement income with post-retirement income).

Source: RetirementMaths

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When should I retire?

A critical evaluation of appropriate retirement ages, given one’s retirement savings to date, i.e. should I really retire (stop earning professional income) at the planned retirement age?

Source: RetirementAge

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Make-or-break retirement planning

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Towards a sustainable retirement plan (original version)

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Retirement planning re-focused

Perhaps we need a fresh look at how we perceive our retirement savings – whether it’s on track to yield reliable and sustainable retirement income.

Source: NewsletterQ2_2015

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Towards a sustainable retirement plan

A presentation about the key variables that will affect the outcome of one’s retirement plan. Common pitfalls that may derail one’s best plans. Safe planning guidelines to develop a sustainable plan.

Source: Retirement_sustainable